El Hierro

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El Hierro, the smallest of the Canaries

juniper tree, El Hierro
Landmark of El Hierro: the age-old, bent juniper trees

El Hierro is a beautiful island covered with hilly volcanos. The Herreños are proud of their island with the fertile Golfo-valley and the evergreen, rolling plateau in the heart of the island.

The landmark of El Hierro: In the very southwest you can admire some bizarre, age-old juniper trees, the remains of erstwhile extensive juniper forests. In former times these extremely bent specimens were, as opposed to the rest of the forest, allowed to stay, as handling the twisted wood wasn’t convenient.

The smallest of the Canaries is also the youngest island: Three million years old it is still in an early stage. Other than on the neighbouring islands, you won’t find the typical monumental rock formations of erodet volcano cores and hardly any barrancos (canyons), instead you will be enchanted by the softly rounded volcanic cones covering El Hierro. The widespread lava fields in the south witness the last eruption in the year 1793.

El Hierro is a hikers’ paradise. The majority of the most beautiful landcapes are accessible only on foot. Slow down, reduce the pace, and discover secluded sandy beaches and unspoiled nature.

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Erese, Guarazoca and Mocanal

The three villages Mocanal, Erese and Guarazoca lie in the northwest of El Hierro, on the way between Valverde and the Golfo-valley.

The quiet hamlet Erese is situated several kilometres away from Valverde, off the main road leading to the Golfo-valley. From the slopes, gently descending to the coast, arises a grand view of the ocean and the sunset.

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The inhabitants of the small village of Guarazoca love, like all Herreños, peace and tranquility. They cultivate their gardens and meet for the Lucha Canaria. There is a corner shop in the village. Guarazoca is situated half way between the small capital Valverde (8 km) and La Frontera (12 km), off the main road, though.

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The village of Mocanal is situated halfway between Valverde and the Golfo-valley. A handful of pleasant restaurants offer good regional cuisine, and there is a small supermarket “Terencio”.

El Tamaduste

The sun shines practically every day on the north-eastern coast, in El Tamaduste, a tranquil village of 200 inhabitants. People meet at the “charco natural”, a small bay sheltered from the waves, a fine place for snorkling and splashing. Valverde, the capital of El Hierro, is 8 km away, the airport 3 km.

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Tigaday (Valle del Golfo)

Life is quiet and rural in Tigaday (like everywhere on El Hierro). Tigaday is a part of La Frontera, the main village of the Golfo-valley in the west of the island. Taking a walk in the area, you will always keep sight of the mirroring surface of the ocean.

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Valle del Golfo
Valle del Golfo

San Andrés

San Andrés is our favourite spot. In winter mostly in the clouds, in summer under the bright blue sky, lies this pristine village with about 1000 inhabitants, ideal for guests seeking peace and quiet and for those who love hiking and to discover the whole island without having to spend too much time in the car.

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