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Information about the trip to the Canary islands

While there are direct flights from main­land Europe to La Pal­ma (SPC), the air­ports of La Gomera and El Hier­ro have no capac­i­ties for inter­na­tion­al air traf­fic. Trav­el to La Gomera and El Hier­ro via Tener­ife-South (TFS) or -North (TFN), and con­tin­ue by fer­ry or a small­er plane of the Canari­an air­line Bin­ter Canarias. Find use­ful infor­ma­tion on the jour­neys to the des­ti­na­tion of your choice on this page and on the fol­low­ing pages:

Find suitable flights

Make your own flight arrange­ments and book (char­ter) flights online (or by tele­phone) with the renowned air­lines, or ask for suit­able flights at your local trav­el agency. An overview of pos­si­ble air­lines and con­nec­tions offers e.g. the flight search engine Skyscanner:

Binter Canarias

The flights between the islands La Gomera, El Hier­ro and La Pal­ma with Bin­ter Canarias are lead­ing via Tener­ife-North (TFN). There are no direct flights between these three small islands. Book flights online or by phone dire­clty with Bin­ter Canarias, or ask for suit­able flights at your trav­el agency.

From mainland Europe to Tenerife by ferry

If you seek to avoid air trav­el to the Canaries, there is the pos­si­bil­i­ty of trav­el­ling by boat. Once a week the fer­ry of the Trasmediter­ranea leaves from Cádiz (main­land Spain) via Lan­zarote and Gran Canaria for the port of San­ta Cruz de Tener­ife. The pas­sage takes about 48 hours. To con­tin­ue to La Pal­ma would take addi­tion­al 15 hours.

Ferry companies and schedules

Two fer­ry com­pa­nies offer pas­sages to La Gomera, La Pal­ma and El Hier­ro, start­ing from the fer­ry port of Los Cris­tianos (Tener­ife): The Nor­we­gian-Canari­an com­pa­ny Fred. Olsen and the Com­pañia Naviera Armas. Buy fer­ry tick­ets on the spot before depar­ture of the fer­ry at the desk of the com­pa­ny in the har­bour build­ing, or book pas­sages online direct­ly with the com­pa­ny of your choice. We rec­om­mend to book the tick­ets online ahead of the jouney if you are trav­el­ling dur­ing pub­lic hol­i­days (e.g. Christmas/ New Year, East­er and car­ni­val), the fer­ries tend to be quite crowd­ed on those days or might be already sold-out if you make a last-minute reser­va­tion or try to buy the tick­ets on site.

Tenerife (Los Cristianos) → San Sebastián de la Gomera

Reach San Sebastián de la Gomera around three times a day by fer­ry with Naviera Armas or Fred. Olsen. The pas­sage from Los Cris­tianos takes 50-60 min­utes and costs about 40-45 EUR per per­son, one-way.

Tenerife (Los Cristianos) → Santa Cruz de la Palma

Almost dai­ly both fer­ries, the Benchi­jigua Express (Fred. Olsen) and the Vol­cán de Taubri­ente (Naviera Armas) from Los Cris­tianos to La Gomera con­tin­ue to San­ta Cruz de la Pal­ma. (On some days there are non-stop pas­sages.) The pas­sage takes from 175 min­utes (Fred. Olsen) up to 240 min­utes (Naviera Armas) and costs about 45-50 EUR per per­son, one-way.

Tenerife (Los Cristianos) → El Hierro (Valverde, Puerto de la Estaca)

The Com­pañia Naviera Armas offers a dai­ly fer­ry between Los Cris­tianos and El Hier­ro except from Sat­ur­day. (Fred. Olsen does not offer pas­sages to El Hier­ro.) The pas­sage takes 165 min­utes and costs about 50 EUR per per­son, one-way.

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La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma: three Canary Islands