How to get to El Hierro

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How to travel to El Hierro

You have dif­fer­ent pos­si­bil­i­ties to get to El Hier­ro: Either trav­el to El Hier­ro from Tener­ife by plane with Bin­ter Canarias or by fer­ry with Com­pañia Naviera Armas. Make your flight arrange­ments either to Tener­ife-South (TFS) or to Tener­ife-North (TFN). Land­ing in Tener­ife-North, change to a small­er plane of the Canari­an air­line Bin­ter Canarias and con­tin­ue to the air­port of El Hier­ro (VDE). Land­ing in Tener­ife-South (TFS), either take the bus or a taxi to the air­port Tener­ife-North, which is 70 km away, or take the fer­ry from Los Cris­tianos (the same fer­ry port as for La Gomera and La Pal­ma), just 15 km away from the air­port Tenerife-South.

El Hier­ro is the small­est of the Canary islands. If you do not want to hike only, hire a rental car to dis­cov­er the island.

Travelling to El Hierro…

…via Tenerife-South (TFS)

Dur­ing high sea­son many air­craft from all over Europe fly to Tener­ife-South/ “Reina Sofia” (TFS), it is the biggest air­port of the Canaries. Accord­ing to this it is like­ly to get a flight to Tener­ife-South at a good price.

70 kilo­me­ters north of the air­port Tener­ife-South/Reina Sofia lies the sec­ond air­port of Tener­ife, Tenerife-Nord/“Los Rodeos“ (TFN). Between the air­ports trav­el by coach of TITSA (→ express bus line 343), the ride takes about 60 min­utes (ca. 10 Euros). From Tener­ife-North (TFN) the Canari­an air­line Bin­ter Canarias links El Hier­ro (VDE) with Tener­ife up to four times a day.

Alter­na­tive­ly go on by fer­ry from Tener­ife-South: Take a taxi to the port of Los Cris­tianos (15 km, about 24 Euros). Every day except from Sat­ur­day there is one express fer­ry. Naviera Armas con­nects El Hier­ro (Puer­to de la Esta­ca) and Tener­ife (Los Cris­tianos) six times a week. There is no fer­ry on Sar­tur­day. The pas­sage takes 165 minutes.

…via Tenerife-North (TFN)

Well-priced flights might approach Tenerife-North/”Los Rodeos”. In Tener­ife-North change to a plane of Bin­ter Canarias. The air­line is trav­el­ling between TFN and VDE up to four times a day. The dura­tion of the flight is about 40 min­utes and includes spec­tac­u­lar views of Tenerife’s famous vol­cano “Pico del Tei­de” (3814 m).

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