Santa Cruz de La Palma

Capital of the Palmeros

The cap­i­tal San­ta Cruz de la Pal­ma is still trea­sur­ing the glam­our and opu­lence of the past, when the town became rich through the tri­lat­er­al trade between Africa, the Old and the New World. Even though today San­ta Cruz doesn’t count more than 20.000 inhab­i­tants, the town feels like a real mtrop­o­lis: Watch peo­ple prom­e­nad­ing up and down the Calle O’Daly, hav­ing a cor­ta­do in the “Café La Pal­ma” while read­ing the lat­est news and talk­ing to the neigh­bours about busi­ness. And in the evenings go to the Aveni­da Marí­ti­ma or to the “Plac­eta”, with fine restau­rants with inter­na­tion­al cuisine.

Accom­mo­da­tion La Pal­ma
Hol­i­day homes and apart­ments on La Palma
Tabea Zier­au

GOMERA individual

Since 2004 I medi­ate hol­i­day homes, apart­ments and rental car book­ings on the small­est & west­ern Canary islands La Gomera, El Hier­ro and La Pal­ma. The first years I was liv­ing in Valle­hermoso (La Gomera) with my fam­i­ly. For some time the office is sit­u­at­ed in Ger­many, and I trav­el to the most beau­ti­ful islands in the sea sev­er­al times a year.

I know all accom­mo­da­tions, all house own­ers per­son­al­ly, take the pho­tos myself and reg­u­lar­ly check the qual­i­ty of the hous­es on site. My pro­gram is small and fine: I only offer hol­i­day homes in which I feel com­fort­able and which I can real­ly rec­om­mend. So to get to know the islands far from the tourist paths, you’ve come to the right place at GOMERA indi­vid­ual: it’s Canarias auténticas.

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